Are you passionate about tennis games but don’t know much about the basic techniques to play them successfully? Don’t worry! If you think these games are really important, read this article. You’ll discover tips on how to play tennis games successfully and win your competitions.

Tactics and technique in matches

As simple as it is, for all your tennis games, always remember to have a tactic. So that when the match is interrupted in the middle of a game and you are asked what your tactics are, you are able to answer automatically.

As far as technique is concerned, you don’t work on it in a match, you play it in training. In a match, it’s time to put your mind, body and then your form of the day into action.

Start the match slowly

Many players, due to lack of tactics and stress, rush into the game without controlling themselves. Indeed, before starting a match, you should first look for consistency, i.e. you should try to get into the match without entering the competition too quickly. The beginning of a match can easily help you to set up a tactic while taking stock of your opponent’s strong and weak points. But starting a game quietly will not mean making no effort and being totally passive; take your chances as soon as the opportunity arises, always considering the appropriate risks.

Analyse the opponent’s games

As soon as you warm up, you should identify your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Then quickly survey him/her by answering questions such as

– Are you competing with a left or right handed player?

– Does your opponent have good footwork on the court?

– What about his strongest shots?

– Can he keep his shot strong on all types of balls when hitting groundstrokes?

– What about his mood? Is he nervous or calm?

Based on all this information, you will be able to establish a tactic according to your opponent’s game.