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The game


A baseball game – which is played in nine innings – is defined by the number of outs, not by time. An inning ends when three players from the opposing team are eliminated.

Have breakfast


Still too many athletes do not eat lunch. The importance of carbohydrate and protein intake at breakfast determines the whole course of the day. If intakes are too low, alertness, attention and concentration will drop, partly due to hypoglycemia. These phenomena are more pronounced if the time between breakfast and lunch is too long or if you train at lunchtime. The smooth running of the sports session will be affected as well as recovery at the end of the activity. The next meal will not be able to compensate for the deficiencies caused by a lack of breakfast.


Playing with fingers

Individual sports

Avoid exerting too much pressure with your fingers on the handle.
Instead, look for the feeling of a racquet that floats a little in your hand. A moderate squeeze will allow for a smooth leveling action. Tension in the wrist and forearm will ease. Lightness and looseness!

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