Gear Up: Baseball Season is Here!

Baseball fans, it is that time again! Teams are heading to the great spring training fields to prepare for giving us another great season of baseball. Grab those season tickets, or make sure you have your sports cable channels set up and ready to go if you prefer to watch as a couch potato. Either way, we should be in for yet another great baseball season. Fans are probably not the only ones who are excited. Players are most likely even more excited to get back out on that field, smelling the familiar smells, hearing the sounds and throwing, hitting and fielding that elusive baseball.


Spring Training Begins

Today is the day that teams will be heading to either Florida or Arizona to prepare for the first games of the season. Pitchers will be working out the kinks in their throwing arms and getting their speed and accuracy up to par. Those who were injured last season will see how that injury has affected their abilities and what, if anything, extra they need to do to prepare themselves.

Hitters will be practicing their swings and getting back into “the swing of things”.  Those batting stances will have to be perfect and swings right on time to connect with that baseball heading for them at over 90 mph!

Visit training fields in Arizona or Daftar Sbobet, and you will likely see fielders fielding those grounders and catching those fly balls. Don’t forget about the throwing, because players will certainly be working on those throwing arms, especially fielders who must throw from the outfield. Throwing power and accuracy are of great importance for a team’s success.

Those spring training practice games will be played and skills honed until the big day arrives for beginning of league play, with teams marching towards that coveted goal of playing in the World Series.

Teams Travel

It has been reported that somewhat more than 15 of the major league teams will be in their respective training camps by tonight. Three teams reported to their respective camps yesterday and 15 more should arrive today. By Sunday, it is reported that all of the teams will be in place for the vigorous spring training practice to prepare for the season that lies ahead.

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